About Us

At Capiche, we strongly believe that it is time for technology to be applied to the private placement process

Kutcho Project (Northern BC) – Image courtesy Dean Weitman

Our beliefs

We believe that private placements should provide access to capital and investment opportunities in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible while being fair and warranting public confidence. We strongly believe that the private placement process should be transparent and that everyone who is sufficiently knowledgeable and adequately informed should have access to the same investment opportunities.

Our approach

As securities law and stock exchange policies become increasingly complex, the application of technology will allow for efficient and effective compliance. Capiche allows issuers to ensure compliance while decreasing the costs associated with the private placement process. The reduced costs per subscription allows issuers to take investments from a larger pool of investors.

Our team


Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder

James is an entrepreneur, technologist and corporate finance lawyer. He has worked with reputable national and regional law firms and served as a senior executive of a Toronto Stock Exchange-listed mining company.   James understands the problems inherent in the current private placement process, the human factors behind those problems, why they exist, what it takes to fix them and how to shape the experience.


Chief Technology Officer and Cofounder

Jonathan is the founder of Corebox, a successful web based platform that has enabled progressive mining companies to communicate their drill results in a more engaging, interesting and transparent way.  Corebox has become a vital bridge between these mining companies and their investors.  Jonathan understands how to build technologies and systems to solve problems and increase efficiencies.